GSD Training FAQ's

Unsure about booking a training session today? Here are some of our most common questions people ask before deciding to book an initial consultation.

What will we do in our first session?

We will assess the issue and goals you have for training your GSD, we will then assess your dog handling skills. Then the fun happens and we get into hands-on practical training session. 

Can we work with a GSD that is reactive towards other dogs or people?

The short answer is yes, however please be very open and honest about your dog’s history (including any bite history) as we all want what’s best for both trainer and dog.

What type of training methodology do we follow?

We find this is a common question for clients who have gone to a training centre that is purely positive and are struggling to manage their high energy GSD. Our training methodology is based on balanced training. Dogs must understand the consequence for doing the desired behaviour (it’s not all about treats) and the consequence for offering undesirable behaviour (this doesn’t mean punishing your dog). 

Where & when are training sessions available?

If you are located with in 45 minutes driving time of Williamstown then you are in luck for a home visit. Training sessions are typically conducted on weekends, check our online bookings system for our next available time.

During the booking process, you’ll be asked to enter your home address before giving available times. Our system does this to calculate travel times between training sessions.