About Me

Matt had his first German Shepherd Sally at a young age, still at high school. After moving to a new home, Sally was rehomed as we couldn’t take her with us. Ever since Matt has always wanted to own a German Shepherd.

After moving into a city apartment that seemed to have a number of dogs living happily with their owners in a high rise, this lead Matt to researching how to live with a German Shepherd in an apartment.

Once ready to find the right German Shepherd finding a dog from an ANKC registered breeder or from a rescue proved to be harder than expected. The culture of dogs living with a big backyard is still the belief in Australia to live with a dog. Once speaking with a few breeders I found a breeder who were able to support my desire for a German Shepherd and living in an apartment. They talked me through the lifestyle of German Shepherds who commonly live in apartments in Europe. This then created a great relationship with us new dog owners and learning how to provide fulfilment and enrichment for a dog living in an apartment.

Living in a city apartment with Paco who is a working line German Shepherd lead Matt to become a better handler and dog trainer. Owning a dog with a very high prey drive and a mind that needed an abundance of mental stimulation lead to learn more about dog sports. Matt found a local dog obedience club where he was able to learn the art of engagement and play with Paco and went on to train in obedience and tracking.

Looking to learn more and understand the art of dog training Matt began following international dog trainers and also spent time one on one with leading international dog trainers to become a better dog handler and trainer.

As Matt continued to train with Paco the need to find dog training equipment that was suitable and that lasts led him to meet Evan from Von Ultimate Dog Shop. Over the years this has led to a friendship with endless hours talking all things German Shepherds and dog training.

Matt’s passion for German Shepherds has also lead him to becoming a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue as either a foster home for dogs in need or providing transport.

Matt showcasing his German Shepherd training.v